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Status: Completed Project
Year of Completion: Year 2019
Project Size: 3.089 Acres

Total: 22 units
18 units of Double Storey Semi-Detached
2 units of Double Storey Bungalow Type B
1 unit of Double Storey Bungalow Type C
1 unit of 2.5 Storey Bungalow

2 Storey Semi-Detached

2 Storey Bungalow Type B

2 Storey Bungalow Type C

2.5 Storey Bungalow

CCC Since December 2019

Site Plan

Location Map

GPS Coordinates: 2.659600, 101.923600


2km to Mambau
5km to 99 Speedmart Rasah Jaya
6km to Seremban S2
8km to Seremban Gateway
9km to Aeon Mall Seremban 2
10km to Tesco Seremban 2
12km to Senawang